GX Capital

Continuing Legacies with

Proven Leadership

Work with people you can trust.

I founded GX Capital on the idea of preserving the legacy of small business owners who have worked a lifetime to build something dear to them. I genuinely care about how my decisions and leadership impact the lives of the people around me. 

I believe in building and prolonging things that should last.

My Story

My name is Nick. 

I founded GX Capital after serving in the US Army, as a vehicle to buy and operate a business. After a decade of serving in uniform between West Point and Active duty, I knew I wanted to continue to build and lead organizations towards a common purpose. This led me to search for a business to buy and operate that trains and provides Americans with good jobs. 

Fortunately, while I was at Harvard Business School, I found a group of like-minded investors that shared my belief in values-based leadership and GX Capital was born. 

GX Capital is a search firm looking to buy a business with roughly $5-20 million in sales.

What I Can Do For You

Succession capital and a trusted operator that will continue your legacy.

I bring a group of well-capitalized investors and advisors with decades of operating experience across many different industries. 

I bring my extensive experience leading military teams along with experience advising Fortune 500 companies as a top-tier strategy consultant. I’ve gone from leading soldiers through Jungle Warfare School to advising CEOs on 5-year strategy revamps.  

More than that, I lead from the front. I’ve advised private equity firms in their acquisitions and watched them send in corporate suits who know nothing about the business and don’t care to learn. That won’t be me. I’ve slung 100-pound artillery shells, pumped sewage, and shoveled landscaping rocks. Whatever your business does, I will physically do it. 

Your legacy is safe with me. 


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